A Sketch of the Life of Charles Andrew Hickenlooper (1862) As Told to His Daughter Della

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 23, 1862, the second son and third child of Ann Ham and Bishop William H . Hickenlooper, as told to his daughter Della.

Like Nephi of old, I can say I was born of goodly parents. Owing to their teachings, and the tact and foresight of my father’s second wife, Aunt Sarah or “Aunty” as we called her, I am largely indebted for my faith in the Gospel and for my desire to do right as a boy. They taught honesty, integrity, charity to others faults, liberality, patience and virtue, in their daily lives as well as by precept.

Jane Johnson Autobiographical Sketch

I, Jane Johnston Black, was born June 11, 1801, at Lombag, Antrim County, Ireland, the daughter of Daniel Johnston and Margaret Chambers. I lived at my father’s house until I was sixteen years of age when my father died, I was then called as a local preacher on the same circuit that my father had traveled, he being a Wesleyan Methodist. I remained in that position until I was over twenty years of age, and made William Black’s house my home, as he was my guardian. I lived there until my marriage to his son, William, who had been away serving as a soldier in the British Army.

Benjamin Lynn Mathews (1892)

I was born at Beaver, Utah, December 26, 1892, in a two-story black, rock house located four blocks west of main street and one block north of the highway which leads to Milford, Utah. I was a third child of Thomas Cartwright and Mary Ellen Eyre Mathews. Our first home was a pink rock house, one block east of the place I was born.