Elizabeth Bocock (1837)

My maiden name was Elizabeth Bocock, my father’s name was William Bocock and my mother's maiden name was Sarah Brough. I was born at Tinsley Bar near Sheffield, Yorkshire, England on May 11, 1837. My parents were in comfortable circumstances and gave me a good common education, intending to send me to a Normal School to educate me for a teacher, but my father died when I was eleven years old (13 May 1848) and mother died four years afterward (8 Mar 1852).


After my parents death, my sisters and myself continued to keep the Toll Gate where we lived.

We became acquainted with and heard preached the gospel as revealed in this century by the Prophet Joseph Smith, an elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by the name of Charles Law.

I was then 18 years of age and after a thorough investigation, I embraced the principles of the Everlasting Gospel in connection with my two sisters. Not wishing to encounter the opposition of our brothers, we started for Zion before being baptized, having that ordinance performed at Liverpool on March 25th, 1857 by Elder Benjamin Ashby and sailed in the George Washington sailing vessel on the 28th day of the same month, landing in Boston in 23 days, then rode by train on to Iowa.

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