Ann Bligh (1802)

History submitted by Virginia Woodward to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

Nora H. Lund Historian, South Center Salt Lake County

Ann Bligh (Blygh) was born 8 Feb. 1802 at Tibenham, Norfolk, England. She was the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Pease or Pearse Bligh. We know nothing of her early life in England.

William Black (1784)

William Black, the son of William and Mary Gardiner Black, was born August 20, 1784, at Lisburn, Antrim County, Ireland. At the age of seventeen years, he enlisted in the Seventy-second Regiment of the British Army in which he served four years in Ireland and seventeen years abroad. He was present at the taking of the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch on January 6, 1806, and also when the Isle of France fell to the British from the French government. The year 1814 found him at Madras, from which place he traveled to Bengal, East Indies.

Jane Johnson (1801)

Jane Johnston Black, daughter of Daniel and Marietta Chambers Johnston, was born June 11, 1801, at Lombag, Antrum County, Ireland. Her father was a Wesleyan Methodist preacher. Jane's parents died when she was sixteen, then she was called to fill her father's place in the ministry which position she held until she was twenty. Before his death Mr. Johnston named William Black, Sr., his daughter's guardian, and Jane lived in the Black home until she married William Black, Jr., July 31, 1822. The young couple made their home in Lisburn, Ireland.

Reodolphus Babcock Biography

Pioneer of 1847
A.O. Smoot Company

Daniel Babcock and Jerusha Taylor of Springfield, Massachusetts were married December 4, 1787 and had the following children: Betsy, Cloe, Daniel, George, Jehiel, Jerusha, Lavisa, Permelia, Reodolphus and Thankful. Reodolphus, the youngest was born February 23, 1800 at Middlefield Massachusetts.

George Black (1854) Take from the Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia

BLACK, George, third Bishop of the Marion Ward (Panguitch Stake), Garfield county, Utah, was born May 23, 1854, at Fillmore, Millard county, Utah, the son of Geo. Black and Susan Jaquay. With his parents he moved to Southern Utah in 1861 and was baptized by Apostle Erastus Snow at St. George when about eight years old. He was ordained a Deacon at Rockville, whence the family had moved, and when seventeen years old, after residing a short time in Kanosh, they settled at Kingston, Circle valley, in May, 1877.

Esther C King (1858)

September 24, 1858 – April 10, 1923

The Mormon settlers had been in Salt Lake City a very few years when Brigham Young told them to settle different parts of the territory of Utah. It was in 1854 that this colonization began. One destination was Fillmore. Fillmore was becoming an industrious city. Homes were being built and farmland cleared rapidly. As well as doing this, they had to be very careful how they treated the vast tribes of Piute Indians that were everywhere at this time.

The Life of George Black Jr. (1854)

Written by LaRae Mathews

George Black Sr. came to Utah in 1847 with the James Pace Company. On September 15, 1850, he was called with thirteen other families to settle Spring City in Sanpete County. In 1852, Brigham Young sent them into the western country, now known as Millard County, because the Indians had burned their forts and tried to drive them out.

It was here, in the town of Fillmore, that George Black Jr. was born on May 23, 1854. He was the second boy and fourth child born here. His life was full of many exciting adventures and visions.

Lucy Ann Wood (1849)

Lucy Ann was the oldest child of William Wood and Lucy Babcock. She was born December 15, 1849, at Provo, Utah, She was the first white child born in Provo. Although the history of Provo gives the Park twins (boys) the honor of being the first born, they were born December 28, 1849, eleven days after Lucy arrived on December 15.

Andrew Hickenlooper (1756)

Andrew Hickenlooper, son of Andrew Hickenlooper, was born in Pennsylvania February 10, 1757 and was married to Rachel Long in York County Pennsylvania May 12, 1789. (It is possible they did not settle in York County until after their marriage, as history differs some). In the year 1793, he removed with his family from York County to Westmoreland County, the western frontier of Pennsylvania near the present sight of Pittsburgh. He was a farmer and a soldier, having served three terms of enlistment in the American army.