William Black (1784)

William Black, the son of William and Mary Gardiner Black, was born August 20, 1784, at Lisburn, Antrim County, Ireland. At the age of seventeen years, he enlisted in the Seventy-second Regiment of the British Army in which he served four years in Ireland and seventeen years abroad. He was present at the taking of the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch on January 6, 1806, and also when the Isle of France fell to the British from the French government. The year 1814 found him at Madras, from which place he traveled to Bengal, East Indies.

Esther C King (1858)

September 24, 1858 – April 10, 1923

The Mormon settlers had been in Salt Lake City a very few years when Brigham Young told them to settle different parts of the territory of Utah. It was in 1854 that this colonization began. One destination was Fillmore. Fillmore was becoming an industrious city. Homes were being built and farmland cleared rapidly. As well as doing this, they had to be very careful how they treated the vast tribes of Piute Indians that were everywhere at this time.