Andrew Hickenlooper (1725)

Previous to the Revolutionary War and it is supposed about the year 1700, Andrew Hickenlooper emigrated to America from Holland [actually, Germany]. He was married and settled in Pennsylvania. His wife’s Christian name was Catherine but I am not in possession of her family name. They had three sons and three daughters as follows: Andrew, Adam, and George, and Mary, Ann and Margaret. Mary married James Ayes, Ann married William Haney, and Margaret married John Davis. All the family except George moved to western Pennsylvania and he remained on his father’s homestead. I have learned nothing of his family. Adam had a number of children and Andrew had five sons as follows: George, John, Thomas, Andrew and William Haney who was named after his uncle by marriage.

Maude Blanche Chaney

“Genealogy of the Hickenlooper Family”

February 18, 1929