Tribute to Della Hickenlooper Barker (1888)

Della (top right) as a child

I have been asked to give a tribute for my sister Della Hickenlooper Barker, born in Pleasant View, Utah Sept. 24, 1888 passed away April 30, 1968 in Rexburg, Idaho, daughter of Charles A. Hickenlooper and Medora Blanchard Hickenlooper. She lacked a few months of being 80 years of age.

In her teens she was very much interested in her progenitors and made record of family names and statistics. Before there was a unified form for the entire church, she used the Viney R Barker wheel, which was very popular in Weber Co. It was a very good chart for beginners. It took care of five generations. Many of the older members had Bible records, names, dates, old letters. Among those who had considerable data was Aunt Jane Ellis on the Blanchard side and Aunt Elizabeth Weight on the Bocock line. Della would take the proper form and put in proper order the information gathered.

I went with her quite often. We visited people, cemeteries, court houses, sextons, etc. She wrote hundreds of letters to towns, cities, counties, states, England and other places asking for any information from records of births, deaths, deeds, wills, land owning transfers or properties, homesteads and church records, etc. She always enclosed a stamped self addressed envelope and form for the information. She visited cemeteries in New York also. She took membership in the Genealogical Society when there was a 10.00 fee for belonging. She drove her car back and forth to Salt Lake to take courses in research from Bro. [Archibald] Bennett that took time and money. She stood all this expense herself. I have here a list of the different courses she took.

Della’s Achievements in Genealogy, Awarded by the Genealogical Society of Utah

  • “Our Lineage” 29 Oct 1934 [1932 later written above
    in pencil]
  • 17 June 1935 Certificate of Life Membership
  • 10 July 1939 “First Year Junior Course”
  • 10 July 1939 “Methods of Genealogical Research” and
    “Qualified Genealogical Researcher”
  • “Second Year Junior Course”
  • “Qualified to Help Others”
  • 4 May 1951 “Genealogical Research as a Guide to Training
  • 24 February 1957 “Certificate of Honor”

She had beautiful hand writing. She was very adept and qualified for this work. Her records were very need, clean & orderly.

She taught classes in genealogy & research in her ward & stake. Went to many wards & stakes to exhibit her books and speak on book making. Even in her last few year[s] in California she was called upon to speak & show her records.

Dear Sister Della we extend to you this day many thanks for the help you have been to the Blanchard family in this great genealogical work. You have given an assist and foundation to many others to build on.

Dear Sister Della we do appreciate and honor your efforts.

Written by Florence Hickenlooper Jensen