Thomas Alton Mathews - Letter to Vanese - 8/1/1972

Provo, Utah
1 August 1972

Dearest Vanese,

Being away from you, and then thinking what Bishop Peterson said yesterday in the devotional at the Genealogy Seminar, I have come to the conclusion that in our thirty-one plus years of married life., or even when I was courting you, I never really expressed my love and appreciation or put in words exactly what you mean to me.

Thomas A Mathews (1917) End of Life

Letter from Ilene Shelton to her family after Alton died.
Scanned, OCRed, and spelling
corrected by Ben Mathews.

September 14, 1988

Dear Family,

Finally I’m getting a few moments to write down the events of the past couple weeks . It has been very hectic, but filled with rewarding spiritual times and times being together with family

Alan C Schmoldt (1989) Commemorative Letter

A special creative spirit came into the Schmoldt family on May 11, 1989 in Takoma Park. He spent 10 years of bringing great joy into his immediate and extended family. He had cousins that whenever they got together he became the ringleader of the group. They loved to do plays together and the props often came from his backpack. Curiosity and creativity were the hallmarks of his spirit. He had the ability to create something out of almost nothing. Most children would expect their parents to buy them what they wanted, but not Alan.