Thomas Alton Mathews - Letter to Vanese - 8/1/1972

Provo, Utah
1 August 1972

Dearest Vanese,

Being away from you, and then thinking what Bishop Peterson said yesterday in the devotional at the Genealogy Seminar, I have come to the conclusion that in our thirty-one plus years of married life., or even when I was courting you, I never really expressed my love and appreciation or put in words exactly what you mean to me.

Sometimes I Know you feel that I am critical of the things you are doing. In thinking about why I act this way I have come to the conclusion that I am jealous of you because I don't have the knack or know-how that you do. You have a very sweet disposition and it is hard to make you angry when I provoke you.

I admire you for wanting to help others and your concern for their welfare. I sometimes have discouraged you by saying it costs too much or we don't have the time to spend helping others but you have always stuck by what you knew was right.

You have really tried and I think you have succeeded in seeing that our children have always had the opportunity to do the things they felt were important. Most of all you have made sure that have made the opportunity to be active in the Church and have always set them a good example, making sure that they understood why the Church should be important in their lives. You have led out in showing us all why it was important to read the Scriptures.

Every two weeks you have made sure that Ruth was visited, take care of, and have helped her to remember her family. You have made sure that a letter is written to our children away from home, each week, even if they sometimes haven't shown their appreciation by answering.

You are an excellent mother, never thinking about yourself when one of us felt we needed help, or asked you for help. I have watched you keep on working many times when we asked for help even though you were sick and should have been in bed.

I know you have a testimony of the Gospel, even though you don't always bear it in Testimony Meeting. You bear your testimony every time you make a move or by every action you make.

Your actions show this whenever you are asked to do anything in the church, it must be done to perfection no half-hearted stuff. You also show how you feel in leading out in approaching people and trying to get them interested in the Church.

Your relationship with me has been wonderful, in fact it has always been you who gave in and I was the one who got what I wanted. You have never been hateful, but always loving, friendly, kind, considerate, joyful and a perfect Companion, and most of all faithful to the covenants you have made.

There have been times that we disagreed and had cross words, and I am thankful that you could forgive and forget my weaknesses and help me to build on my strong points. Honey, you have always stood behind me and given me a push when I needed it, so any success that I have obtained I owe it to you, in fact all the comfort, love, health, and happiness in our home are the result of the loving care that you gave me and our family.

I know that I haven't always provided you with the comforts and luxuries of life that you desired, but you have never complained, but have accepted what we have had and made the best of it. In fact you have been able to improvise and have made it possible that our standard of living was much higher than our income. Thanks a lot Honey for all the things that you have given to me. I am proud to be your husband it makes me happy to know that you are my wife and we will share in success or failure through all ages of time and throughout eternity.

"I love you."

Your Loving Husband
Thomas A. Mathews