Ann Bligh (Blygh) (1802)


Birth08 Feb 1802 at Tibenham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death17 Sep 1876 at Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
Burial17 Sep 1876 at Ogden City Cemet, Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

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Ann Bligh research

This is a most interesting family. The archive record of this family was prepared as if Mr. Bligh and Ann Bligh were a married couple. This is very misleading, as Ann Bligh never married. The archive record [LDS] shows 5 children born at Shelfanger to Mr. Bligh and Mrs. Ann Bligh. There were in fact 7 children born to Ann Bligh, a single woman, at Tibenham, not Shelfanger. The 2 children not shown on the archive record are Mary, christened 15 October 1769 and the second John born 13 January 1789. Once the parentage of Ann Bligh is determined, her father's name can be corrected in your records.

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Fancillo Stories

These stories are excerpts from a collection about [Francillo Durfee][1]. by [Janis Durfee][2]

Immediately upon his return from Council Bluffs in the fall of 1849, Francillo and Cynthia joined James in the Weber Valley. David Moore, George and Frederick Barker, and Robert Porter and their families came as well, making some twenty-three persons in all. A few more settlers came in November (David Moore, Ogden).

The winter of 1849–50 was severe with deep snow. Several head of cattle and sheep died during the winter.


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Ann Bligh 1802 Biography

History submitted by Virginia Woodward to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.
Nora H. Lund Historian, South Center Salt Lake

Ann Bligh (Blygh) was born 8 Feb. 1802 at Tibenham, Norfolk,
England. She was the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Pease or Pearse
Bligh. We know nothing of her early life in England.

When she was 20 years old, on the 18th of Feb. 1822, she married
Fredrick Barker in Diss, Norfolk, England. He was 2 years older
than Ann, having been born in Feb. 1800 in Shelfanger, Norfolk,
England. His parents were William and Jane Barker.

Ann was the motherly type, and welcomed with love, every one of
her 11 children into her heart and home. First was Matilda—b.
14 June 1823, followed by Mary Ann—b. 18 Feb. 1825
James—b. 7 April 1827, Sarah—b. 7 Aug. 1829. All these
were born in Diss.

Ann’s husband, Frederick was a farmer and worked with his
brothers, George and James. They had a very close relationship with
each other, which naturally influenced the lives of their

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