Artemas Millett (1790)


Birth11 Sep 1790 at Westmoreland, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA
Death19 Nov 1874 at Scipio, Millard, Utah, USA
Burial19 Nov 1874 at Scipio, Millard, Utah, USA

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William Alma Millett (1881)


I was happy and proud to marry into the Millett family as their name was well thought of in the community where we lived. Their family was one of the first ones we became acquainted with after we moved to Mesa. As I look back now, I realize more and more how lucky I was to become part of this family. I always got along well with them and was especially thankful to Will's mother who helped me in so many ways after I was married. I think she must have realized how much I missed my own mother after her passing and my father and brother and sister after they moved back to Utah. She always treated me as a daughter, and sometimes better than her own. She often took my side and was quick to counsel Will if she didn't think he was doing the right thing--such as the times he would go off hunting. She thought he should stay at home and help me with the children.

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