Bessie May Maloon (1887)


Birth07 Jun 1887 at Detroit, Somerset, Maine, USA
Burial01 Sep 1978 at Detroit, Somerset, Maine, USA

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The Life Story of Bessie Malloon

Born 7 June 1887 the youngest of three children of Oliver Libby and Flora Ann Carleton Maloon, Bessie May Maloon was named for her grandmother, Betsey Bradley Andrews Carleton – Bessie being as close to Betsey as they dared to come as Betsey was not a popular name at that time. Bessie herself changed the spelling of her middle name May to Mae. She never liked the name of Mae and eventually had her name legally changed to Bessie Maloon, omitting her middle name entirely when she went to Europe in 1926. (She had to go to Augusta to have the records sworn as it is a court procedure to have a name changed when birth certificate is written.) During the early years of her life she was known by her family as Midge, having been so nicknamed by her father, since she was the youngest and smallest child in the family.

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