Edwin Eyre (1845)


Birth19 Apr 1845 at Dowsby, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom
Death27 Apr 1927 at Minersville, Beaver, Utah, USA
Burial27 Apr 1927 at Minersville, Beaver, Utah, USA

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Life of Benjamin Eyre (1840) and his brother Edwin Eyre (1845) to the time of their marriages

Several of the right most columns of this document were truncated. Most of the words I was able to guess. This document came from LaRae Mathews. Ben Mathews

Benjamin and Edwin Eyre were the sons of James Eyre and Ann Naylor Eyre. Benjamin was born August 22, 1840, and Edwin was born April l6, 1845 at Derby, Lincolnshire, England.

Since their father was a farmer and shepherd, it was natural due to custom a: conditions at that time that the sons became tillers of the soil. They worked on their father’s farm and surrounding farms during their early teens and up to the time of their leaving England.

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