Emma Bocock (1843)


Birth23 Jun 1843 at Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Death21 Mar 1873 at Springville, Utah, Utah, USA
Burial21 Mar 1873 at Springville, Utah, Utah, USA

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Emma Bocock (1843) Biographical Sketch

[ JBO Note: The best source of information about Emma Bocock is a sketch written in the 1930s by Mabel Law Atkinson, a granddaughter–which is almost completely transcribed here. But there are difficulties with this account. Part of the problem is that there is no family organization devoted to the Bocock sisters themselves, and in the case of Emma, only to the Law or Blanchard patriarchs who then become the “heroes” of their narratives. These stories come from the family of Francis J. (Frank) Law, Emma’s only surviving child by her first husband, Charles Law. Frank Law was a kind and generous brother to Medora Blanchard Hickenlooper, daughter of Emma Bocock and Alma Moroni Blanchard. He had good reason, as did Medora, to find much wanting in her father, Alma Moroni Blanchard. However, Frank Law was only three years old when his father Charles Law died and Frank would have lacked the discernment and understanding of an adult. It is understandable that Law’s children wanted to think well of him in all respects, but it is also true that the Bocock sisters all petitioned for temple divorces upon his death, and that Emma’s specific reasons were confided only through the women.Read more →