Eunice Elizabeth Thompson (1824)


Birth02 Jan 1824 at Ossian, Allegany, New York
Death15 Jan 1907 at Springville, Utah, Utah, USA
Burial15 Jan 1907 at Springville, Utah, Utah, USA

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Transcript of Letter from Eunice Elizabeth Thompson Blanchard (1824) to Agnes Sophia Blanchard Lapham (1815)

Letter transcribed by Jean Ohai

An 1857 letter from Eunice Elizabeth Thompson Blanchard to her sister-in-law Agnes Sophia Blanchard Lapham in either Livonia, Wayne, Michigan or Farmington, Oakland, Michigan.

Norton Lapham, her brother-in-law, was born in Palmyra about 1800. Asaph was sent to Michigan about 1839–1840 as a missionary when he was expelled from Missouri after he arrived with Kirtland Camp. Imagine coming to preach to a brother-in-law who probably knew Joseph Smith!

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Poem Written by Eunice Elizabeth Thompson Blanchard

January 2, 1904
Springville, Utah

Over fourscore long and toilsome years
I let my memory roam,
And thing of the hopes, the joys and tears
Since I left my childhood home.
In New York, the Empire State,
I first saw the light of day

‘Twas there I lived in innocence
‘Twas there I learned to pray.
Twelve short years soon passed away
Without even a care
But now the time had come to stray
From a land so bright and fair.

To the West, to the West, a fortune to gain
Came the cry from near and far,
To the West we went, though it caused me pain
Soon embarked on fortune’s car.
In Michigan, while in my teens,
My married life began.

And, while we had some stormy scenes,
There never was a better man.

Over that long and troublesome tide
He proved faithful to the end
And fourscore years he lived and died
True to wife, children, friends.

Through the trials of the Church of God,
We passed and shared together.
We crossed the plains, we broke the sod.
Forget them, never, never!

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