Florence Hickenlooper (1890)


Birth04 Aug 1890 at Pleasant View, Weber, Utah, USA
Death07 Dec 1980 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah, USA
Burial07 Dec 1980 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

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When the Children Were Born

Our first child, a girl, was stillborn. She had died just a little while before birth due to toxicity. From my bedroom window – I was so very ill – I could look out and see Henry, my husband, carrying the tiny casket on his shoulder to the wagon and then on to the cemetery. Uncle Orson [Hickenlooper] [tried] to comfort me.

[Two years later, we had another daughter, and], I thought Margaret was beautiful as a tiny baby – yet my mother said on seeing Margaret: “She will look much nicer when she fills out.” I thought she looked alright then!

It had been nearly 5 years since Margaret’s birth. Dr. Rich was the doctor, and he came for her birth. Baby Elaine had a difficult time breathing. Julie [Rose], Henry’s sister, noticed she had stopped breathing and quickly called the doctor’s attention. He immediately cleared the obstruction from her nose and throat.

When Jessie was born, the big comment was that here the Bishop had another girl, but all that we cared about was that it was alright.

Stephen was so tiny and premature, the doctor said I could give him care probably as good as leaving him in the hospital. He was so tiny, probably around 4 lbs.

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