Frederick Barker (1800)


Birth27 Sep 1800 at Diss, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death03 Nov 1866 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
Burial03 Nov 1866 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

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The Children of George and Sarah Gerrard Barker

Compiled by Gary Hanson

(Much of the following information is taken from the large and small Barker-Chadwick record books; Joseph Barker mission letters, journals, and notebooks; The Barker Odyssey by Don W. Barker, Iowa Falls, Iowa; family biographical sketches, and family group sheets.)

In 1830 the English government furnished transportation to America for a number of poor families. It is said that among them were the families of George, Frederick, and James Barker and their sister, Harriet Barker Jarrel, who sailed to America in March 1830.

It is thought these four were the only living children of their parents William Barker, buried 15 Dec 1829*, age 67, and Jane Barker, buried d4 Dec 1825* age 66, in Shelfanger, Norfolk Co., England. (*Dates from English church records searched by Joseph Barker in 1896 while on his mission in England.) William and Jane Barker were probably buried in the churchyard of the gloomy, Anglican All Saints Church built of almost black stones or rocks, part of which was standing in the 12th century.

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Fancillo Stories

These stories are excerpts from a collection about [Francillo Durfee][1]. by [Janis Durfee][2]

Immediately upon his return from Council Bluffs in the fall of 1849, Francillo and Cynthia joined James in the Weber Valley. David Moore, George and Frederick Barker, and Robert Porter and their families came as well, making some twenty-three persons in all. A few more settlers came in November (David Moore, Ogden).

The winter of 1849–50 was severe with deep snow. Several head of cattle and sheep died during the winter.


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