Frederick Barker (1876)


Birth25 Mar 1876 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
Death30 Apr 1969 at Canoga Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
Burial30 Apr 1969 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

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Stories told to his family by Frederick Barker (1876)

Frederick Barker was a great story teller, but refused to record any of the stories. Ionia, LaVar’s wife took down the first section in shorthand from Frederick.

Jerrie Barker writes “One day we conspired to get some of his stories on tape, so Lavar hid the microphone. Grandfather was going strong when LaVar pulled out the microphone and said something like, “see you can do it.” Grandfather shut up and we could no longer get him to tell his stories because he was afraid he was being recorded.”

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Frederick Barker (1876) - Entry in the Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia

Barker, Frederick, Bishop of North Ogden (Ogden Stake), Weber county, Utah, was born March 26, 1876, at North Ogden, Utah, the son of Henry Barker and Margaret Staley. He was baptized Sept. 18, 1884, by Newman H. Barker ordained a Priest in his youth; ordained an Elder Nov. 17, 1902, by James Ward, and ordained a High Priest July 26, 1908, by Charles C. Richards and set apart as a member of the High Council of the Ogden Stake. In 1902–1905 he filled a mission to Great Britain, where he acted as secretary of the Bristol conference 18 months. He also visited France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium. At home he has acted as assistant and subsequently as superintendent of the North Ogden Sunday school, labored as an alternate and afterwards as a regular member of the High Council and subsequently as first counselor to Bishop Ward of the North Ogden Ward, which position he held until Dec. 29, 1912, when he was ordained a Bishop by David O. McKay and set apart to preside over the North Ogden Ward, which position he still holds. Brother Barker has always been active in Church matters and when quite young acted as a Y. M. M. I. A. officer.Read more →


Frederick Barker's Mission Journal Book 4


Cheltenham, Sunday, Nov. 1, 1903----The following Elders are stopping at the Conference house: Pres. Joseph Ogden, Clerk Henry F. Baker, James W. Betteridege, Joseph N. Hutchings, and myself.

We all went to Sunday School. Superintendant Howel presided. Joseph Ogden taught the Primary class. The Theological were just commencing to study the “Articles of Faith by J. E. Talmage.” It being their Second lesson, I took charge of the class.

Elder Betteridge gave the review. Bro. Wilfred Davis gave the topic, “Articles of Faith,” and Rigy Brain, “The Standard Works of the Church.”

In the evening we went to Church, but as soon as we reached the meeting Elder Baker took sick with the cramps in his stomach and I went home with him. He was very sick. I got him some ginger to drink and administered to him. He soon got better. When the other Elders returned home we administered to him again.

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