Jean-Pierre Stale (1804)


Birth01 Jan 1804 at Angrogne, Torino, Piemonte, Italy
Death16 Aug 1856 at Sweetwater, WY ( Fort Bridger, Uinta, WY )
Burial16 Aug 1856 at Sweetwater, WY ( Side Of Platte, Op Ash Grove)

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Diary of Ann Ham while travelling to Utah

Taken from the Church Historian’s Office by Myra B. Parson.

Recopied by Vanese B. Mathews

Millenial Star 18:217

March 22, 1856 - “The ship “Enoch Train” Captain Henry P. Rich, cleared from Liverpool on Saturday the 22nd and sailed for Boston with 534 souls of the saints on board of whom 19 were from the Swiss, 4 from the Cape of Good Hope, and 2 from the East India Missions, all under the presidency of Elder James Ferguson, Edmund Ellsworth and Daniel D. McArthur. This is the 1st shipload of Emigrants for Utah by the Perpetual Emigration Fund this season. The day was delightfully pleasant, and all things connected with the clearing of this Company seemed peculiarly auspicious. Her Majesty’s officers had a word of admiration to express at the excellence of the arrangements which marked the embarkation of this 1st Co. who expect to cross the plains with Handcarts.”

Recopied by Myra B. Parson, November 14, 1941 Recopied by Vanese B. Mathews, February 10, 1942. Parenthetical notes taken from insertions made in copy of Myra B. Parson by Della H. Barker.

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