Lowell Fred Barker (1912)


Birth18 Mar 1912 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
Death21 Aug 2006 at Medford, Jackson, Oregon, USA

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Owen Barker - Memories of Mother and My Early Life

Kenneth and I were born in a small house on our fruit ranch, which we called the "farm". My first memory of Mother is of a cultured, intelligent, beautiful woman trying to get her husband and children to use proper table manners.

Another early memory of Mother is her talking about the snow, the cold and the loneliness of living on the farm. Being a very social person, the isolation on the farm during the long winters was difficult for her. The church and store were well over a mile from the farm, and in those days there were no automobiles. The distance was too far to walk and carry a child. Whenever she wanted to go anywhere, she had to get Dad to harness the horse, hook it to the buggy or sleigh, and then usually he would take her rather than have her go alone. She wasn’t much of a tomboy and was always hesitant to go alone and drive the horse. Usually, it was inconvenient for Dad to help her or take her because he was always busy with the farm work and his many meetings. As a result, she felt stranded with the closest neighbors one-half mile away.

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