Ned Lorimer Williams (1913)


Birth07 Mar 1913 at Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, USA
Death01 Aug 1962 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
Burial01 Aug 1962 at Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

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Glenn Dean WIlliams -- An Arizona-Yankee, Introduction


“An Arizona-Yankee” - this title may seem strange to give to a person who claims Arizona as “home,” yet when one considers that Dean lived twenty-six years in Arizona and thirty-seven years in New England a considerable Yankee influence must have rubbed off! A quarter of Dean’s ancestors came from Yankee stock. He married a Yankee wife and accepted and cherished her Yankee heritage besides finding common ancestry with her in New England. Not only are we cousins several times but one of my ministerial ancestors performed the marriage ceremony for two of Dean’s direct line. We had “rubbed shoulders” for generations!

It has been interesting to note how similar our own lives have been although we lived in almost opposite corners of our land. Our ideals, values, traditions, and customs are comparable rather than contrasting. Of course, weather, climate, and location contribute to some differences. While Dean swam in irrigation ditches in January in Arizona, I was sledding on crusty snow in Maine!

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