Thomas Henry Cartwright (1814)


Birth23 Dec 1814 at Upholland, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Death09 Jan 1873 at Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA
Burial09 Jan 1873 at Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA

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Cartwright Drowning--Accident at a Baptism in England

Jonathan Pugmire, Senior, and Thomas Cartwright discharged by Judge Whitehead, at Chester, England. The judge Whitehead, at Chester, costs of prosecution or witnesses to be said by the Crown. It was very evident that the Church of England ministers were at the bottom of the machinations, and were sorely discomfited at the result. I insert the statement of the unfortunate occurrence given by Jonathan Pugmire, Junior;

Cartwright Drowning--Accident at a Baptism in England.

Thomas Cartwright was baptized November 6, 1843, unknown to his wife, by Elder Jonathan Pugmire, Senior; but she had mistrusted he had gone to the water, and went to Pugmire's house the same evening, and inquired where Tom was, (meaning her husband). Mrs. Pugmire answered she did not know.

After this, Mrs. Cartwright went out and met them returning from the waters of baptism, and shouted--"Damn you, I'll dip ye!" and expressing her determination to have revenge on Pugmire's family, she used a great deal of very bad language.

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