Vanese Barker (1915)


Birth04 Jul 1915 at North Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
Death27 Dec 1985 at Takoma Park, Montgomery, Maryland, USA
Burial27 Dec 1985 at Brentwood, Prince George's, Maryland, USA

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Interview with Vanese Barker (1915) by her daughter Illene (1942)

Ilene “interviewed” her mother, Vanese Barker Mathews, over a period of time by asking her questions. This is a summary of Ilene’s notes on what her mother told her.

10/30/78 Question – Tell me about buying the house in 1946.

Response – Chose it because it had some yard. Rather have been on the side, but none of those were left. Remember Ilene sliding down the stairs in her birthday suit. We were glad to be in house and out of a couple of rooms. The house seemed much large then than now.

It seems like we had a 2nd hand car in that we drove west in. We had a little red wagon we got groceries from North Capitol and Riggs. We rode the bus to Church.

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Funeral Service of Vanese Barker Mathews (1915)

Funeral Service of Vanese Barker Mathews

31 December 1985

College Park Ward

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

3790 East-West Highway

Hyattsville, Maryland

Transcribed by Sharon Mathews with additional transcription
and editing by Dennis B. Mathews and Lydia Mathews

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Priceless Gifts

By Cary Shelton

It was just a few days before Christmas. I was a 17 year old high school senior. Although my grandmother had been in the hospital for several weeks and was dying from cancer, it had been awhile since I had seen her. I was shocked at what I saw when I went with my parents, aunts, uncles and grandfather to visit her that cold snowy wintry night. There on a sterile hospital bed I saw someone I loved very much, incoherent and full of pain. She did not recognize me or anyone else in the room. She screamed. She cried. She made sounds.

I have never been very emotional but it was too much for me to handle. I often had to turn away, to avoid the pain, so others would not see my bawling. As I looked around at my other loved ones, I noticed a few tears here and there but their countenances were much different than mine. To my amazement they also began to sing Christmas Carols. Not the fun, sparky songs of Santa, Reindeer, or Snowmen, but the sacred stirring songs of Christ our Savior. On and on they sang and I tried to join in. While I did not gain the comfort they had, my heart did find some solace.

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Vanese Barker joins Fraternity at Logan College

Vanese Barker joins Fraternity at Logan College----Miss Vanese Barker of North Ogden was recently pledged in Theta Chi honorary fraternity for women at the Utah State Agriculture College. Theta Chi members are required to have at least a "B" average scholastic record. The organization sponsors a secretarial science bureau where students may have their school work typed. Vanese, who is a sophomore in the school of commerce, has made an enviable scholastic record. She previously attended Weber College and is a graduate of Weber High School.

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Thomas Alton Mathews - Letter to Vanese - 8/1/1972

Provo, Utah
1 August 1972

Dearest Vanese,

Being away from you, and then thinking what Bishop Peterson said yesterday in the devotional at the Genealogy Seminar, I have come to the conclusion that in our thirty-one plus years of married life., or even when I was courting you, I never really expressed my love and appreciation or put in words exactly what you mean to me.

Sometimes I Know you feel that I am critical of the things you are doing. In thinking about why I act this way I have come to the conclusion that I am jealous of you because I don't have the knack or know-how that you do. You have a very sweet disposition and it is hard to make you angry when I provoke you.

I admire you for wanting to help others and your concern for their welfare. I sometimes have discouraged you by saying it costs too much or we don't have the time to spend helping others but you have always stuck by what you knew was right.

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