[Charles] Hickenlooper (1862) Reports Upon Boise Fair

Salt Lake Sept. 23,

C. A. Hickenlooper addressed the meeting of the Salt Lake County Horticultural society at its regular monthly meeting held. In the city and county building yesterday, M. Christopherson presided.

Mr.Hickenlooper spoke of his visit to the Boise fair, as a delegate from Weber countv. He said Utah had an exhibit of fruit at the fair that attracted wide interest and a great deal of favorable comment. Practically all of the fruit on exhibition, he said, was from trees that had been well and properly sprayed and carefully pruned and practically all of the credits were given for fruit in that class. Praise was given for the courteous and generous treatment given by the Boise people- Mr. Hickenlooper spoke interestingly in telling of his experience in fruit culture and giving the members of the society the results of some of his experiments. The society rendered a vote of thanks to Mr. Hickenlooper.

Prof. N. Byhoueer announced his intention of holding a public demonstration of planting and caring for fruit trees and shrubs, assisted by experts in spraying and by local nursery men. The place and date for the demonstration will be decided later.

The meeting adjourned until October 20,