Ether E Blanchard (1846)

The full caption from the BYU Studies journal reads:

The Ether Blancard family, Springville, Utah 1902. Left to right: Achilles Blanchard, Ether and Sylvia Blanchard, and Margaret Goff. Achilles holds the homemade harp he constructed from a bicycle frame; his father holds his fiddle. Photo by George Edward Anderson. Courtesy BYU Archives.

Ilene Shelton comments:

This is from a BYU studies that Dennis had. I have seen the picture elsewhere so was familiar with it. The reason it was in the article was they were talking about old instruments and he had made the harp from a bicycle frame and his father is holding a violin. The caption was that these instruments were important enough to be included in a family portrait.

When I was teaching in Springville after graduating from BYU, I went to visit the young man who is in this picture. This is probably the house I visited also because it was his father’s house. The father is Ether Enoch Blanchard, brother to Alma Moroni and the mother ,Sylvia Goff, and her mother. Achilles was my great grandmother’s first cousin. He was quite old by this time. His house was a museum with lots of old old things. He had china that his grandmother Eunice Elizabeth had brought across the plains. It was a log house and he said it had been his father’s house so this is probably the same one. He had the old phonography and the picture type things they used to have. Years later when Ryan took me to Springville one time I tried to find the house again, but didn’t. It was hard enough to find the school.