Flora A Carleton — Diary

Diary cover
A portion of the diary’s front cover – the full size of the closed book measures 6 ?” w x 15 ?” h x ?” thick. The covers are book boards covered with decorative printed paper. The spin appears to be leather. At least one page has been cut out of the front.

A portion of the diary’s front cover – the full size of the closed book measures 6 ?” w x 15 ?” h x ?” thick. The covers are book boards covered with decorative printed paper. The spin appears to be leather. At least one page has been cut out of the front.

[Inside front cover] October 14 1904 Paid Joseph Hathorn $10,00 for plowing and seeding 2 acres of ground

Valuation for 1894

horses 170.00

cows 30.00

sheep 32.00

steers 20.00

heifers 8.00

calf 6.00

(“Edna Maloon” is written to the side of this entry and the writing is more like hers than Flora Ann’s)

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Detroit Maine 1889 — beautiful calligraphy or handwriting Bessie Maloon — childish handwriting (Aunt Bessie was born in 1887)

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Sunday the 11 day of Feb 1894 Wind blew Ol and I went out to Milts and Israels I got one galon vinegar Gill and Mat were out to Abbies got our books and some milk

Mon 12 we went out to Mr. Cunninghams had a good time too 80 cts for supper

Tues 13 Ol worked for Gill Nellie done the chores Olga come down I helped her on her waist Edna and I made two squares

Wed 14 I washed Ol worked on the road Edna and Ara went up to mats and got some sweet milk I made a custard pie Ara went with his Father after Dinner

Thur 15 Ol and I went up to Gills after the wheel and quilting frames it snowed and blew Gill come down with us and went up on the road I spun six nots and doubled and twisted it.

Fri 16 Wind and snow blew Ol worked on the road in the forenoon Ara and I done the chores Edna and I tacked a comforter and I made it

Sat 17 Ol worked on the road in the forenoon they come down with the team Father and Rob come down with the colt I made Edna a night dress swept the chambers Uncle Michiel come to Gills Mert brought the wooden bowl home

Sun 18 Rained Uncle Gill and Ol went up on the other road after dinner I and the children went up to mats Aunt gave me an apron Elder Bolton out to the metting house

Mon 19 Clear and pleasant I washed Ol and Gill went up to Pittsfield Miller Richardson called in here Uncle M went up onthe other road Mert come down Edna begun to go to high school with Olga and Nelts I got $100.00 of Vada and W paid Jessie Cooks wife $103.50 he went to Newport got our window Mr. Welsh paid him #200 and Gorham $2.00 I sent 1 doz and 9 eggs up by Robert got 6 bars soap 1 lb soda

Tue 20 I ironed Ol worked for Gill I went up in the afternoon I knit one stocking foot Gill had company men from Pittfield around Mert found 23 eggs I let Mother have some meat and I got three bolls butter

Wed 21 Snowed Ol hauled 1/2 cord of wood for Mr Welch I made a custard fries and cake Mimmie Mitchell Jehonnet is buried to day Uncle and Aunt come Mrs Chere to supper and went to meeting with them her all night they had a powerfull meeting

[Page 3} Thur 22 Uncle and Aunt here Uncle went down in to Burnham Mat come down and made their guilt on the machine I went to meeting with Gill Ol hauled Mr Welch 1/2 cord of wood in the forenoon and Mrs. York 1/2 cord in the afternoon got 2 lbs butter Willie Shaw here to dinner Mother sent me some dried apples

Fri 23 cold and wind blew hard Ol hauled 1/2 cord of wood for Mr. Welsh in the forenoon I went up and helped finish out squares for the quilt - Ol worked for Gill in the afternoon Gill went to meeting Edna did not come home Uncle and Aunt went over to Horaces Whittens did not have any meeting

Sat 24 cold Ol and Gill went up home in the evening Edna come home with them

Sun 25 - I done some cooking for Edna William Basford come down here after his bill for work done on the road last June I went up home in the afternoon

Mon 26 Nans birthday 38 years I washed I swept the chambers washed the floors and went out to Mills after some milk Ol went to Pittsfield with Rob in the forenoon Gill went down to Burnham Ol went to meeting Mrs C went with Gill

Tues 27 I doubled and twisted severn knots of yarn in the forenoon Ol worked for his father Mat and Mrs C here in the afternoon we tacked out the comforter Daniel Andrews and wife were her all night and Mrs C George Bragg here to supper I went to meeting

Wed 28 Daniel and wief went up to Gills Ol worked for his Father in the afternoon Uncle Michael up to Gills

Thur / March 1 1894 Ol worked for his Gather all day George Bragg here all the afternoon Mrs. C and I went to meetgin. I spun and doubled and twisted yarn

[Page 4] Fri. March 2 1894 Ol [Oliver] and Gill went to Pittsfield in the forenoon. Mrs. Welch paid Ol $4.00. he hauled a load of hay for Gorham in the afternoon Israel went up with potatoes the girls come over Jim come over with his colt Mill brought me over a can of milk Mat come down and we bound the comforter and cut Ara’s pants we all went to meeting.

Sat. 3 Ol and I went to Pittsfield Abbie and Israel here to dinner 31(?) let Perrie Martin have 15 bags of oats they worked out L8 . . . we got 2 gal molasses 80 20 lbs. sugar 100 oil 10 coffee 30 I got 4 spools thread 10 fish 27 Mrs. C. [Cushman] and I went to meeting Tomas Morses girl burried to morrow

Sun 4 The children went up to Gill to slide we went to meeting in the afternoon Mrs. C. went - we went in the evening.

Mon 5 Ol hauled Perrie Martin 28 bu oats Ara went with him He is helping Gill this afternoon So is James Temple I washed and swept the chamber washed the floors cooked ginger bread and three loves of white bread

Tues 6 You hauled Mr. F. Hubbard 42 bu and 3 pks 45 cts per bu = Mrs. C. here worked for Gill in the afternoon paid Mayo [Bickmore] $1.00

Wed 7 Gill come down and we begun to settle up paid Mr. Bert Gorwin $5.00 for Albion Gurie Ol stayed at home all day cleared off warm Mr. Gorwin carried Mrs. Broad over to Pittsfield

Thu 8 Ol worked for Gill. hualed one load up on the horse back for his Father in the after noon I road up to Jims with Willie went to meeting walked home Mrs. C. went down to Jos Mat come down and cut out her dress skirt.

Fri 9 I went out to Mrs Gorks got 2 lbs butter Ol worked for his Father all day I went to Pit with Gill carried over 3 doz-9 eggs 60 I got cloth to line Aras jacket 3 lbs raisins 2 ? lard 23 paper and envelopes 7 Ol worked for his Father ? day - Jim here to supper

Sat 10 I made Aras jacket and finished his pants

[Page 5] Edie Died the 31 day of Jan 1889 her little baby died the 4 day of Feb buried the 8

Mother Died the 11 of April 1888

Sat March 10 1894 Olga come down I cut her black dress skirt

Sun 11 Mat and Gill went to meeting. Ol and Ara went up to Gills John William Bolton pried out to the meeting house

Eggs Sold

to W. Bogley

to Mrs. M. Maloon

“ Mr. Eldridge

W. A. Bagley





Mon 12 Ol went to town meeting I washed made mincemeat Robert and Gill were here in the evening\ Mr. Z.[Zebed] Foster will be 87 years the 7. of Oct 1888

miscellaneous writing practice — names and places

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There is much more coming — in time